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>> Student Risk Assessment for Mass Violence

>> Bulletproof Custody Evaluations
In recent years we have observed that court-appointed custody evaluations, parental fitness evaluations, and home studies are more often challenged than before, when they were accepted and used as tools to accelerate and facilitate conflict resolution. These challenges are done either through attacking methodology or evaluator credentials and/or through seeking an opposing, rebuttal evaluation and opinion. In fact, professional presentations have been conducted for attorneys on how to “handle” (combat) adverse evaluation findings.

>> Top Ten (Plus) Suggestions for Parents

>> Kansas and Missouri Guidelines for Determining Child Custody
Statutes for determining child custody for Kansas and Missouri

>> Issues in Gay/Lesbian Relationships
Above all, we human beings have two relationship challenges: an identity challenge, which involves meeting our own needs, choosing a partner, and identifying as part of a new whole, and a bonding challenge, which involves idealizing another person, merging with them, successfully meeting mutual needs, and finding contentment within the new arrangement.

>> Primary Love Needs of Men And Women in Relationships
It is very important to understand how men and women generally contrast in the ways they experience love in a romantic relationship–and even how they value others and feel valued in a close work relationship.

>> Different Parenting Evaluations: Custody, Parenting and Sexual Abuse
An overview

>> Issues in Relocation
There is no one solution that fits all family situations or all children.
Relocation, like divorce, can represent a crisis in the lives of children.

>> Characteristics of True and False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
– adapted from Green, Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, 1986, 25, 455.

>> Principles in Dealing with High Conflict Clients in Mediation/Negotiation
– adapted from Green, Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, 1986, 25, 455.

>> For Parents to Keep in Mind in Co-Parenting Planning
Relevant facts about courts, attorneys, and research